A variation on the avoiders algorithm to allow snatching colours from images and circular walls. Here the avoiders are contained within a circle, and the colours are taken from various images of nebula (specifically the horsehead nebula), resulting in tasty planetoids.

See a lo-res online version here, or download the sketch along with the source code here. The sketch is supposed to run a google image search to get the images instead of picking them from a pre-downloaded pool, but I couldn’t be fucked to do the applet signing thing for the online version. If you get the source you can experiment with different search terms. Spacey searches seem to work well (sticking with the planets thing), but then so does “meat”, strangely.








  1. Cool effect, nice and textural. Hey you should jump on our fb group for generative art, I’m trying to pull together all the code/art junkies together in the one place and see if anything interesting happens …

  2. Ryan

    (I’m new to processing, but software engineer by trade) I tried loading your files in Processing (2) so I could change the image search (unless there’s an easier way to do that but I didnt see anything). I figured out I had to add a lot of the java class imports, but after all that, I’m getting a null pointer exception cause it cant find “soft.bmp”. I looked through the app resources and stuff and can’t seem to find it. Any hints?

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