Coastal Towers

Last weekend I was by the sea and I noticed how coastal formations would make fucking epic towers if they were rotated on their sides with clouds in place of the sea, and I thought it was about time I had a Photoshop workout (it’s been a while). Then desaturate, up the contrast, slap some lighting effects on for some mood, and job done. Some work better than others, but I think the one I’m most pleased with is the ‘Bridges’ one for my cheeky use of the Clifton suspension bridge.

All the source images were snaffled off the web, so thanks, internet.

The Grass Wall


The Pillar

The Spire



The Lighthouse



  1. Magnificent! They look distinctly natural yet distinctly not. My Tolkien-sense is tingling. :)

  2. joe

    you clever bastard that looks amazing

  3. qbrµs

    “The lighthouse” on the tower is simply a “chef d’oeuvre” of photography, Niepce price for this :)

  4. I would pay for a high res print.. this is a great idea. They call it lateral thinking (literally).

  5. loom


  6. Razputin

    I thought this was real 8)
    I felt scared for the person who built the light house.
    splendid work!

  7. Casey Treffinger

    Extremely beautiful, well done!

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