Osciple is a sound toy built in Processing using the Beads synthesis library. Part 1D wave simulation, part additive synthesizer, Osciple fills all of some of your 1D wave simulation and additive synthesizer needs (depending on your needs). Click around aimlessly as the ripples transform into rolling sci-fi soundscapes, really futuristicy swoopy sounds and ever-so-rich harmonic drones. Then stop and move onto the next bit of internet pap. But it’s entertaining for a while at least. You can find it here.




  • Click to paint ripples.
  • Holding certain keys and moving the mouse up and down changes that parameter (one at a time – as I’m writing this I’ve just realised it might be pretty cool to control multiple params at the same time, but I can’t be fucked to do that right now). These are: ’w’ changes the waveshape,  ’d’ changes the wave sim damping,  ’r’ changes the propagation rate (kind of like bullet time), ’f’ changes the frequency scaling.
  • Press ‘t’ to turn on tuning to make things sound more pretty.
  • Space resets the sim.


  • High damping and low rate can make things explode which looks and sounds ace.
  • Oscillating the rate up and down seems to create standing waves for some reason.
  • It’s a CPU fiend this so if the audio is choppy close some stuff.


Source code: Main.java OscBank.java


  1. Hi great work It looks very interesting, but the parameters aren’t changing for me (Firefox/OS X 10.5.8, in Safari it didn’t even load)

  2. SupBob

    Good for Wind sound! :)

  3. Jesse

    this is really awesome

  4. bob

    Hey, really nice work.
    Was this made in Java eclipse? or processing itself?
    Unable to run those java files in processing :[

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